LLS Hermannplatz

This portfolio amalgamates the work we did studying the Linguistic Landscape of Hermannplatz/ Berlin from Jan 5th through Feb 28th 2018.

Our main research question was: “Is Hermannplatz a multilingual space?“ We chose to use techniques employed in Linguistic Landscape Studies (further on, occasionally abbreviated as LLS). Included in this portfolio you will find a short description of what this term refers to and how examining public space using this method is approached. We will also give you insights into the demo- and ethnographical circumstances that make Hermannplatz a particularly interesting spot to look at regarding multilingualism.

Furthermore, you will find the results of our case study. We found out that, from a LLS viewpoint, Hermannplatz is mainly a bilingual space, with german and english being the predominant languages. We will contemplate on what this could mean, which and how further studies might put our findings in better context and how our own approach could be improved next time.

Concluding our paper you will find personal reflections by each member of the team. Moreover, to give you a ‚feel‘ for the area surrounding the Hermannplatz, we included some extra-footage. The same section also includes a bibliography containing all the texts referred to in our pieces.




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